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Providing Tools for Better Governance

Zambian Governance Foundation (ZGF) was established in 2009 with the aim of supporting Zambian civil society organisations (CSOs) in carrying our pro-poor policy work. ZGF was initially conceived as a ‘basket-fund’ that would allow co-operating partners to reduce the transaction costs of supporting CSOs in Zambia. The initial project evolved to become a fully-fledged organisation as company limited by guarantee which is wholly Zambian that only funds Zambian CSOs.

ZGF’s vision is ‘Government is accountable and responsive to the needs of the poor and vulnerable’. ZGF operates on the belief that civil society has an important role to play in reducing poverty in Zambia. In order to achieve our mission ‘to strengthen the role of civil society in pro-poor policy engagement by increasing access to capacity enhancement resources and other support mechanisms’

ZGF has four main areas of work:

  • Grants
  • Capacity Development
  • Learning & Sharing
  • Active Citizenship – growing the demand for Social Accountability

Approach: ZGF’s approach follows the process articulated below:

This approach is underpinned by the following Guiding Principles:

  • We support service delivery as well as policy engagement initiatives: While policy engagement is priority, we recognize that work on service delivery can provide evidence of what works and what does not.
  • We aim to reach all parts of Zambia by giving preference to CSOs working in marginalized areas and building partnerships with international NGOs that can support this principle.
  • We are non-discriminatory
  • We promote gender equality in all our work, and in addition provide tools and services for mainstreaming HIV and Aids and disability issues.
  • We promote partnerships and alliances and work with a range of CSOs from those that work to change national policies to those that focus on holding local duty bearers to account
  • We are non-partisan as we are not influenced by, affiliated to or in support of any single political party.