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Zambia is facing many immediate environmental challenges – such as air pollution, river and ground contamination, informal dumpsites, and deforestation. External and internal factors like global warming and deforestation are affecting our environment, changing not only living conditions but how businesses and organisations operate. ZGF has made considerable efforts in promoting environmental awareness to the organisations it supports by producing a toolkit on becoming an ‘eco-friendly’ organisation and facilitating trainings that encouraging mainstreaming of the environmentally friendly practices. ZGF has also taken measures to become more eco-friendly by implementing energy-saving practices, a recycling scheme and composting. In an effort to encourage and reward eco-friendly practices among the organisations ZGF supports, ZGF is introducing an Eco-grant top-up scheme.

The Eco-Grant Top-up is a supplementary grant scheme intended to promote ZGF cross-cutting issue of environment by promoting and rewarding demonstrated efforts by ZGF-supported organisations in implementing eco-friendly practices. Successful applicants shall receive a Vitalite Solar Lighting System for use in their organisation. Eligibility Organisations can only apply for the Eco-Grant Top-up if they are eligible to apply for a ZGF grant and are applying for a grant or if they have a current grant contract*.
*Organisations with an Earmarked Institutional grant contract are not eligible.


Organisation can apply several ways

  1. By submitting a brief summary (500 words maximum) on the eco-friendly practices or initiatives they are implementing.Organisations should email their application to info@zgf.org.zm with subject line: Eco-Grant application [name of organisation].
  2. By completing the embedded form below.
  3. By clicking on this link to fill the online form –link.


Applications shall be assessed on a set number of criteria, including the quality, relevance and sustainability of their activities. Applications with photographs are strongly encourage.


There is no deadline for applications. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Please read the full terms & conditions of the grant by clicking here