EU funded civil society support project funds organisations working in media development and access to justice through grant funding and capacity development support. Media development and access to justice were identified where the impact of activities led by Non State Actors (NSA) was high and the need for such interventions was significant. The purpose of the programme is to support selected organisations in delivering better services and advocacy which in turn contribute to increased citizen participation and involvement in activities lead by government. Grants ranging between €200,000 and €500,000 were awarded by the European Union (EU) to eight NSAs following a national call for proposals in October 2014.
Access to Justice Grantees
These grantees work on projects aimed at increasing legal literacy amongst citizens – in particular vulnerable groups; providing free or affordable legal aid services; providing capacity development support to access to justice NSAs, focusing on policy engagement and lastly providing innovative approaches, which encourage attitude and behaviour changes within communities and policy actors.