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Our core values include learning and reflection and we value the feedback from our partners. In 2015/2016, we conducted our Grant Partners perception survey which gave our partners an opportunity to share candid feedback about their experience working with us. The survey identified areas for improvement, including issues around slow disbursements, but also identified our strengths and successes.

Highlights from 2015/2016 Grant Partners perception survey
1) Grant Partners rated highly the overall services provided by ZGF due to the open door policy approach.
2) Grant Partners applauded ZGF’s capacity building services that are tailored to suit each organisation’s needs.
3) Grant Partners appreciated ZGF website as it provides valuable information for advocacy and policy engagement.

Some notable quotes include:
“We have benefited from most of the activities that is training and other services from ZGF that has helped improve service delivery (inclusiveness) by the organisation”
“All in all, ZGF has provided best services a grant partner can get from a donor and we need to recognise such wonderful services”
“From the time we started implementing our initiative, there are notable changes in the manner things are now generally done and we attribute this to the information we variously acquired in our partnership with ZGF”

Our follow up plans
1) Continue to develop our capacity building efforts
2) Ensure that grants are disbursed in a timely manner
3) Promote learning through exchange visits between grant partners implementing similar initiatives
4) Improve the quality and consistency of our communications on grant-making processes, learning and programme strategies.
The full results of our survey are available for download:
2015-2016 Grant partner perception survey