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List of tool-kits:

  1. Policy Engagement
  2. Gender Mainstreaming
  3. HIV and AIDS mainstreaming
  4. Monitoring and evaluating training
  5. Disability mainstreaming
  6. Understanding board roles and responsibilities
  7. Building the evidence to inform policy
  8. Becoming an environmentally-friendly CSO
  9. Social media for social change administering a constituency watch space

Other documents:

  1. Our leaflet to get you information about how you can get involved and be on the move
  2. Promoting the advancement of girls and boys in community schools in Zambia
  3. Crowdmaps: A participatory tool for change
  4. How to create crowdmaps

Our toolkits are available FREE of charge to our Grant Partners. Trainers, facilitators and practitioners are encouraged to fill out the request below. You can also contact as via email (toolkits@zgf.org.zm) or telephone (+260 211 239413)