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We can do no great things – only small things with great love.” Mother Teresa

Volunteers are an integral part of meeting our mission, and we deeply value the passion and energy that each of our volunteers brings to ZGF. If you are interested in volunteering with ZGF, Please email us at info@zgf.org.zm and include a description of your skills and the capacity in which you would like to employ them with ZGF. We will then converse with you to find the best fit between your time, energy and expertise, and our project needs. We would love to hear from you.

Lieke Berghauser Pont
Lieke Berghauser PontVolunteer
I really believe in the importance of learning and sharing, therefore I was very happy to be able to help ZGF to organize a learning and sharing event on land rights”. Land rights are a key influence on the livelihoods of entire communities in Zambia. This is why, I was very keen to volunteer and organise the learning and sharing event on land rights with ZGF, in partnership with the Zambia Land Alliance and USAID. The aim was to bring ZGF’s Grant Partners and other stakeholders together and provide them the opportunity to exchange experiences regarding issues affecting land policies and land rights. The event resulted in enhanced networks and created grounds for cooperation between the 22 participating organisations. I was thrilled to have been part of this initiative. – Lieke Berghauser Pont.
Diana Tembo
Diana TemboVolunteer
18 year old Diana Tembo joined the Sunshine Zambia Project (SZP) in 2015. A cheerful and keen spirited individual, she was diagnosed with Down syndrome when she was only three months old and spent most of her childhood in Zambia’s Matero East compound. Her condition and the social setting exposed her to high levels of discrimination and stigma which led to her being reclusive. This translated into her making little headways in academics and even less in actualizing her career aspirations.
Diana’s storyIt was only after joining the project that her lifelong dream of working in the Food Service industry was able to be channeled into an employment opportunity. Through a Supported Employment approach, and working with a Job Coach, Diana found an internship in her industry of choice at the Zambia Governance Foundation (ZGF) and much to her delight, had the added benefit of earning her first salary.
The last in a family of 11, Diana is seen as an enchanting individual whose exuberant personality has brought the family together. Her six months long internship experience which started in May 2016 has been an immense source of pride for her family and has transformed the way her own community views her. According to Diana’s elder sister, Gertrude Tembo, Diana’s placement signaled that she was not only capable but also responsible enough to be charged with the day to day execution of kitchen tasks. That was a great source of joy particularly for Diana’s mother who until her passing – in September 2016 – enjoyed the fondest relationship with Diana.